An Alberta where Parish Nursing* is an essential and integrated dimension of the faith and health of diverse faith communities.

* also called Faith Community Nursing


Parish Nursing Alberta (PNA) advances the growth and sustainability of parish nursing as a health and ministry resource within Alberta.


Health Promotion: viewing health as body, mind, and spirit wholeness.

Integration of Faith and Health: reinforcing the strong tie between faith and health, and healthy spirituality.

Health Advocacy: acting to preserve human dignity and informed decision making as these are related to the health practices of diverse faith communities.

Health Education: fostering provincial and local learning opportunities focused on the integration of faith and health.

Health Counselling: providing tools and information provincially and locally for discussing health needs and goals.

Health Resources Referral: serving as a translator between faith and health resources and communities.

Operating Principles

  • We recognize that parish nursing is a specialized branch of nursing and a grass-roots ministry.
  • We foster and promote parish nursing ministry identity, education, practice standards, competencies and research.
  • We encourage and affirm local parish nurse initiatives, while promoting a provincial identity.
  • We celebrate the diversity of parish nurse programs across Alberta.
  • We collaborate with individuals and groups that are vital to parish nursing.
  • We respect and engage the health promoting practices of multiple faith traditions while being rooted in Christianity.
  • We secure financial sustainability for the Parish Nursing Alberta.
  • We monitor and disseminate the Core Competencies and Standards of Practice for CAPNM.
  • We reach into the broader community promoting faith and health needs.
  • We include as essential shareholders: parish nurses, nursing educators, faith tradition educators, diverse faith communities and partnering organizations.