The Foundations in Parish Nursing Education Program has an upcoming 5 -week online course that will begin Oct 10th, 2021. Registration deadline is Oct 6th.

This course is ideal for both personal and professional development of parish nurses who are active in ministry / or retired. Foundations in Parish Nursing’s goal is to reach out in support for all nurses working in health care with affordable online courses who are interested in learning about wholistic health and spiritual health.

We ask that you please consider joining us in support for nurses by sharing this educational opportunity with your friends and nursing colleagues.

Contact Louise Trapp at [email protected] for more information and to assist with registration.

Online Nursing Courses [PDF]

Educational Preparation in Canada

Taylor Seminary-College

Nurses who are currently registered with CARNA in Alberta who wish to pursue educational preparation as a Parish Nurse can do so at Taylor Seminary and College through their Kairos Program.

Please contact Heather Breitkreuz [email protected] for more information.

Foundations in Parish Nursing

Our Formation Program

This program is designed to introduce fundamental concepts of the practice of parish nursing, which has its basis in the Christian faith, and seeks health promotion with a preventative focus. It’s suitable for any registered nurse interested in integrating spirituality, health and wholeness into their nursing practice. This program meets the criteria of the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry (CAPNM) Standards of Practice and Core Competencies

Includes a week long summer residency component: A week-long intensive program to introduce registered nurses to wholistic health care, spiritual healing and parish nursing as a ministry. As part of the education and personal growth aspects, the program incorporates knowledge sharing and prayer in a communal setting for a genuine camaraderie and friendship. Some reading and reflection work is required both prior to and following the summer residency.

Foundations Plus – second year component that will lead to certificate in Parish Nursing.  Please see website for more specific program information:

InterChurch Health Ministries

Practicum and Mentor Relationship

Classroom theoretical content is followed by a 6-month practical experience within the congregational setting for each parish nurse taking the program. During this practicum, each student has access to an experienced parish nurse who acts as their mentor. This support is key to the student having a meaningful, positive experience as expressed by former parish nursing students themselves. This relationship is effective in collaborative problem solving and the day to day ‘how to’ of building a trust relationship with members of the nurse’s congregation.

Please see website for more specific information: