I belong to PNA because I believe in the values of the organization and have seen the benefit to churches who endorse this type of ministry in their congregations.



I belong to PNA because the role of parish nursing is not well understood by most people in the province. This Association, as a specialty practice group under CARNA, brings legitimacy to the role and support to parish nurses throughout Alberta.



I became part of this group to be part of a support group that is like minded especially when I am just beginning in my Parish Nursing practice.



I am a Parish Nurse because I consider it a privilege to walk alongside those within both our church and greater community.  Many individuals in our society today are lonely, depressed, and grieving.  It is a blessing to be the hands, feet, eyes and ears of Jesus, through the lens of nursing.



I belong to Parish Nursing Alberta because I want to collaborate with other parish nurses in the area and province, to be encouraged in my spiritual faith and be empowered on how I can use my faith in my own faith community to learn how to serve others. I want to meet others and feel connected to other nurses. I want to know how to advance the Parish nursing specialty and encourage other nurses to become parish nurses as well.



I belong to Parish Nursing Alberta as I cherish getting together with nurses who truly believe that spirituality is an integral aspect of health and well being.


I belong to Parish Nursing Alberta because there I receive mentorship and encouragement from nurses who are interested in supporting the holistic needs of people within their faith-communities.


I belong to PNA because I believe in holistic care which includes spiritual care. Also, being part of this group allows me to both give and receive support and resources.



I belong to Parish Nursing Alberta because it is a group of like-minded nurses who have a common desire to share their faith as they care and connect with those in their faith community and with those whose paths they cross. I appreciate the supportive network it provides as sometimes you may be ministering in a more “solo” position in your parish nursing role. My fellow Parish Nurses are only a phone call or text away when I am seeking wisdom and advice.