I belong because I believe in the concept of Parish Nursing and the great benefits it brings for congregations.


I am a parish nurse in order to bridge the gap between medicine and faith.  I want to care for others wholistically.  And by belonging to this group, I can network with the greater body of Christ to find out where I can better serve.


I became a parish nurse because I saw a gap in the nursing care that my husband received when he was terminally ill.  I decided that I needed to be the change agent I was advocating for.  The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed.


Because God called me to this position 20 years ago.


I became a parish nurse because I wanted my profession as a nurse to reflect the integration of my faith and health and my role as a parish nurse allowed me to do that.


My (pastor) husband and I saw the gap between faith and health as an issue for many of our congregants and we could see that the role of the Parish Nurse was an answer.


I became part of this group to be part of a support group that is like minded especially when I am just beginning in my Parish Nursing practice.


I believe that the role of a Parish Nurse is important because I believe in the whole person when I do client care.